Tanker 260 and Tanker 06 assisting firefighters in Oklahoma

T-260 CL-415

Air Tanker 260 has been assisting firefighters in Oklahoma for the last several days. It was also used in Oklahoma in 2014.

The CL-415 is operated by Aero-Flite under a U.S. Forest Service contract.

These photos taken at Ardmore, OK were provided by Oklahoma Forestry Services.

T-260 interior CL-415

Tanker 06, one of Neptune’s P2Vs, is also en route to Oklahoma. We’re pretty sure the photo below is a file photo, and was not taken in Oklahoma. 😉

T-06 is headed to Oklahoma as fire season gets started for Neptune Aviation. Hats off to the dedicated Neptune maintenance team who ensures Neptune is ready for action. None better! Photo courtesy of Al Golub

Posted by Neptune Aviation Services Inc on Sunday, February 21, 2016