P3 air tanker makes a pass over McClellan Air Field

P3 air tanker

It has been years since most people have seen a P3 air tanker, on the ground OR in the air.  Today one of the P3s that has been stored at McClellan Air Field for several years made a demonstration pass over the airport as part of the Aerial Firefighting conference. Check out the video below.

MAFFS LLC owns the six remaining P3’s that were formerly operated by Aero Union. Two years ago at the Aerial Firefighting Conference at McClellan I took a photo of Ronald Guy of United Aeronautical shaking hands with Joe McBryan of Buffalo Airways shortly after Mr. McBryan purchased Tanker 22. Yesterday Mr. McBryan told me that I might get a chance to take another similar photo. He is negotiating with MAFFS LLC, the company now marketing the P3s, to buy more — perhaps more than one, Mr. McBryan said.

The P3 they purchased in 2014 is currently being worked on in Florida. Buffalo Airways expects it to live on an as air tanker.

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3 thoughts on “P3 air tanker makes a pass over McClellan Air Field”

  1. Good ‘ol Tanker00!
    Great memories watching this fly over my head while on the Tonto NF in the early 90’s.

  2. The P-3s at McClellan – where did they go? None were seen on May 3, at least not in they area where they had been parked for several years.

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