Spring training for Air Spray in Chico

Air Spray is conducting their spring training for their Single Engine Air Tankers at their Chico, California base.

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  1. BLM created the term SEAT?…..she made it sound as though it was a brand new term…i questioned some of her other comments too..but who am i to say eh?…but my question is..will Cal Fire contract with these planes?…an Ex BC from cal fires NEU (NYP to me) ranger unit ,Don Lane once told me that CDF wouldn’t hire or use SEATs due to the single engine,they wanted more for the safety reason alone.engine failure in a canyon would be deadly.he was saying that was why they didn’t use the TBs etc..after a certain date i mean….that true?…i just wonder what the feeling are now.

  2. CDF might not hire or contract SEATs, but certainly SEATs have been dropping on fires in Region 5 and on CDF fires, as well as working out of a number of northern and southern california bases.

    Airspray has been working some state contracts in the float-equipped 802’s, as well as working them throughout the northwest.

    SEATs have had a particularly good safety record, and for what it’s worth, as one who experienced an engine failure on a fire in a SEAT in a canyon, I walked away.

    1. Doug,thankfully you made it out,and for what its worth,any engine failure is big right?..and i have heard some SEATs on the radio while working fires here in NorCal.i was mostly just wondering if what Don told me was correct?.or if i misunderstood?.or what…the conversation was started when we were talking about the P-61 that was used for a time.my dad was telling him (the bunch of us who were talking,drinking beer at a funeral,well after) about the time when on a wildland fire he looked up to see a B17 on final and the pilot waved at he and the engine crew he was with,then it went to the TBMs..and so on….ive always been a crop duster fan,id drive from Auburn cal,to the Dunnigan Cal area just to wander around looking for the different crop dusting activity to photograph,was better than hanging out in the bar.lol.

  3. Dave,

    I’ve had engine failures in aircraft that range from a J-3 cub to a B747. In most cases, they’re not a big deal, and in most cases, they fall under “abnormal procedures.” An engine failure in a burning canyon in a single engine airplane, in my opinion, is a big deal.

    Getting out and walking away is a much bigger deal. I’d prefer not to do that again.

    That particular airplane was converted to a Garrett engine, from a radial engine. The current crop of 802’s which make up nearly all of the 802 fleet have been extremely reliable. That said, good airmanship is planning for abnormal conditions and an emergency, and maintaining a viable place to put the airplane in transit, and on the drop, is always a wise idea.

    SEATs have historically proven very cost effective, very flexible, and thus far, very safe. I think we all hope they continue to do so.

    1. the current 802s have PW PT6A’s?..or a version of?..i,like many people now adays,use either microsoft’s FSX/FSXSE (steam edition) or Lockheed Martin’s P3D ,which is the one i use,i have S2Ts with the garrett ,Dromiter D18,P3,CL415,DC4,BAe-146…OV10..kingair..we also have fires to work,which can now be contained/extinguished .i am an ex firefighter….but dreamed for years of being a pilot,but am colorblind,which i understand now the rules are not as strict.but im on meds due to a back injury ,i broke it.so piloting is out for me………………….”cry’s”

      1. ps…meant to say that i value everything said to me by men and women like yourself,any pilot willing to speak to me ,i listen too,whether it be advice on flying the simulators or just stories of flight.i love flying mag and those “i learned from” stories.and the stories from the woman who writes an article..i also get to speak to Norm Cook,was from Aero Union at the end,he went to school with my mother,and he and i speak in emails .Col C.E.”Bud” Anderson is also a friend,Al White ,the pilot who survived the crash of the XB-70 Valkyrie was a family friend,i barely knew him and i golfed with him from time to time in a club we belonged to and had no idea who he was…lol… BTW..Bud bought the house he lives in now from Al when he moved…lol
        so long,log story short…thank you for your replies and comments..Dave

      2. Dave,

        The AT-802’s use P&W PT6A engines; usually the PT6A-67, though there are a few with -65’s in use, and some that have -67F’s. The differences are minor. There are a few (two, I think) 802’s out there that are using Garret (Honeywell) TPE-331-14’s for powerplants.

        I’m not familiar with the computer flight simulations, but I understand that many of them are quite realistic today.

        The Dromader is a PZL product, and though they aren’t used for federal fire contracts any more, they were quite involved for a long time, and a number are still around. I’ve flown the radial engine versions, and conversions with both Garrett and PT6 conversions. I flew them for seven years on fires, plus a few more doing some state contracts. My engine failure to a forced landing was in a Garrett conversion. Pratts and Garretts both have advantages and disadvantages, but one thing the Garrett did really well was provide some braking action during a downhill run for a drop, which was very useful for controlling airspeed (which can always be a challenge when running down hill).

        I don’t know anything about your back injury or condition, but while some conditions might preclude flying for a living, you may still be able to fly privately. The Sport Pilot certificate doesn’t even use a FAA medical certificate; you use your driver license. The meds may be another issue, but it may also be that if flying is something you want to do, doing it with a friend might be possible, too. Just a thought.

        Reference your comments about Bud Anderson below; I met him at the Reno Air Races last year. He was kind enough to autograph his book for me, and it was a privilege to shake his hand.

        1. thanks again for your reply,and yes Bud is a great guy.i also collect diecast 1/72nd scale aircraft.bud was kind enough to come over to our house (im in a 5th wheel rv in my folks backyard) and he autographed a P51C model that was put out,it was a limited edition that you could buy pre autographed,Bud had told me that if i were to buy that plane,to buy the un autographed model and he would do it for me in ick rather than pre=printed,he did so for me and added “16 1/4 kills” to it as well,he said he would not do it to any other models so mine was “special”…there is a couple in the south USA,dont recall the state but SC is in my head,i emailed them and asked what the value might be in future.they replied back that it would be worth a good penny with an “LOL” added…she then said that Bud was sitting next to her at the computer and he wanted her to tell me that if i sold it,he would “hurt” me…true story..lol.

          1. sorry Bill..lol.but i forgot to say that the couple collect and sell and are “authorities” on aircraft related collectables.another reason that even the light sport class wouldnt be viable for me is i weigh right around 400 pounds..i have a pic of bud holding that P51C model and he is on the couch with me in my recliner..at that time i was 512 pounds,and was only two months away from death ,on sept 2 2014 i ended up in the horsepital with congestive heart failure,i then lost 112 pounds from jan 1 to june 1 2015,but im struggling to get more off…but it will come off!!..lol..i was taken from Auburn to downtown sacramento code 3 and was told later that i would not have survived the day had i not gone to the ER in Auburn when i did.
            again Bill, sorry for all this,but i just wanted to explain..lol

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