Reporter flies air tanker simulator on Fort McMurray Fire

David Common, a reporter for CBC News, got some experience in an air tanker simulator, “flying” an Air Spray L-188 Electra and getting an idea of what it is like to drop retardant on the fire at Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Oddly, in the video they don’t mention that the cockpit scene was shot in a simulator.

2 thoughts on “Reporter flies air tanker simulator on Fort McMurray Fire”

  1. I’m not sure if even the lay viewer would be confused whether the piece was filmed inside a simulator or an actual airplane.

  2. some of the guys from my flight simulator group,microsoft flight simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin P3D on the computers,have been using a program,which i don’t have or even recall the name is tracking the fort mcmurray fire and they’ve been flying “missions” to simulate airtanker work.when you activate the program,your computer will access a website and download fire information,you can tell it one fire by name,or fires from anywhere in the world,and it imports the information to the flight sim and you see fire and smoke,you can then go work it,with the use of several programs at once,you can see progress you’ve made on the ground either from the retardant line,or where the flanks have been put out ,i knew they were working on the last part,but i didn’t know they’ve gotten it working,but it seems they have.

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