Air tanker activity at Medford

Medford T-162

Above: Tanker 162 at Medford, Oregon. Photo by Kristin Biechler.

Kristin Biechler sent us these photos of air tankers at Medford, Oregon. She said Tankers 62, 162, and 163 have busy there for the last few days.

Medford T-62
T-62 at Medford, OR. Photo by Kristin Biechler.
Medford T-163
T-163 at Medford, OR. Photo by Kristin Biechler.

One thought on “Air tanker activity at Medford”

  1. Lots of activity in Redmond too. Three RJ85’s, DC7 (Tanker 66), and a P2 (Tanker 44) as well as SEATs. Dropping on the Awakana fire north east of Sisters. Just heard that Tanker 44 had some sort of incident on the runway and the airport is closed until they can clear it out. I’ll see if I can get some photos…

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