Interview with 10 Tanker Chief Pilot

Weather Nation posted this interview with Kevin Hopf, Chief Pilot for 10 Tanker Air Carrier, the operator of three DC-10 air tankers that can carry 11,600 gallons of retardant.

2 thoughts on “Interview with 10 Tanker Chief Pilot”

  1. The DC-10 aircraft is the best Fire Bomber flying today hands down

    Lou Roman: Former Omni Air International DC-10 Second Officer

  2. As we all know the Boeing 747 is slowly becoming history, as the world’s airlines find jetliners with only two engines more economical for most of the world’s air routes. I’ve heard of one 747-400 series jetliner being converted into a fire bomber. How well is that aircraft working out?

    Today’s most up-to-date airliners, i.e. the Boeing 787, are designed for high altitude cruise and cannot fly low and slow and maneuver well enough to be fire retardant tankers. So perhaps the 747 should continue in service as a cargo aircraft and for use in fighting forest- and wildfires. We’ll always have that problem.

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