Two additional MAFFS aircraft activated

The California Governor’s office has activated two Modular Airborne FireFighting Systems aircraft. The C-130s will be supplied by the Channel Islands Air National Guard base in southern California. Earlier this month the National Interagency Fire Center activated two other MAFFS from the Wyoming Air National Guard at Cheyenne. Initially they were staged at Boise.

Governors have the authority to activate MAFFS aircraft within their states at the three Air National Guard bases that have the units at Channel Islands, Reno, and Cheyenne. The Air Force Reserve MAFFS at Colorado Springs is a different story, however.

The just-activated C-130s were expected to be available Wednesday evening and could be used on the 25,000-acre Blue Cut Fire near San Bernardino.

2 thoughts on “Two additional MAFFS aircraft activated”

  1. I live in Oregon and was trying to think what would help you in fighting these fires… Just throwing this out there…Why can`t you have very large Bags already filled with fire retardant …so when you drop them they would explode on the target when they hit the ground….just like cluster bombing during WW2…..But with fire retardant.

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