Tankers 910 and 132 respond to fires in New South Wales

Air Tanker 910, the DC-10 that arrived in Australia October 30, responded to a wildfire that was within sight of where it is based at the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Richmond (map), 40 miles west of Sydney, Australia. It is working on a contract with New South Wales during their summer bushfire season.

10 Tanker Air Carrier published the above photo on their Facebook page, with the caption:

This is a picture of our first fire in Australia this year. We were asked to fly two missions on the fire, taking a total of less than 30 minutes of flight time. We hear about fires right off the end of the runway all the time….but they don’t get much closer than this.

Below is a slow-motion video of T-910 dropping, posted on the Facebook page of the Wallacia Rural Fire Brigade November 4, 2016 (U.S. time).

The photo below was posted on Facebook by the Wallacia Rural Fire Brigade. Coulson’s Tanker 132, an L-382G, started its contract in New South Wales on September 6, 2016.

tanker 132
Tanker 132 drops on the Llandilo bushfire in Australia, November 4, 2016 (U.S. time) Photo by Wallacia Rural Fire Brigade.

2 thoughts on “Tankers 910 and 132 respond to fires in New South Wales”

  1. These are marvellous machines. They well and truly proved their usefulness in my local area (Port Stephens – Karuah, NSW) on the weekend of 5/6 November 2016. Worth every penny of what I presume is a hefty price tag.

  2. Completely agree with Robyn… I watched this assisting fire crew on the ground in Cessnock over the weekend and it was amazing to watch the amount of water it can drop in one go… An extremely priceless tool for our long and predictable bushfire season!

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