Air tankers at Avalon, Victoria

Bomber 391

Above: Bomber 391 at Avalon, Victoria. Photo by Avalon Airport.

Two air tankers from North America have recently started their contracts in Victoria during the Australian summer. Known as Tanker 131 when working in the United States, Coulson’s C-130Q is designated as Bomber 390 while working for Emergency Management Victoria. One of Conair’s RJ85s is known down under as Bomber 391.

The aircraft will be based at the Avalon Airport in southeast Australia, southwest of Melbourne.

Bomber 390
Bomber 390 at Avalon, Victoria, with Bomber 391 in the background. Photo by Avalon Airport.

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  1. Hello,
    I saw both 390 and 391 last week at Avalon airport and was wondering whether it is possible to take a portrait photo at Avalon airport as I am an aviation enthusiast currently visiting from Germany? Do you know any contact where to ask for access to the ramp at Avalon?
    Best Regards,

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