Photos of Tanker 03 at Concepción

Tanker 03 at Concepción, Chile.

Above: Tanker 03 at Concepción, Chile. Photo by Neptune Aviation.

After a Saturday arrival at Santiago, Chile, Neptune’s Tanker 03 relocated south to Concepción where it will be based at least for a while.  Judging from the photo below it appears that portable tanks will be used to store water to refill the aircraft. This is similar to the operation at Santiago established for servicing the IL-76 and the 747.

Tanker 03 Chile
Tanker 03 parked near several portable water tanks at Concepción, Chile. Neptune Aviation photo.

One thing unique about firefighting in Chile is that most of the water systems are privately owned, rather than being operated by the government, and fire hydrants are rare.

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  1. greetings… in Chile it is true that Water Companies are private, but the country as a whole has a system/network of fire hydrants in every city and town… the problem is that the standard of the hydrant is not meant for “fire fighting” ironically… it delivers by standard between 250-500 Gpm, and some fall short…

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