Video from the 747 as it drops on wildfires in Chile

747 SuperTanker

Above: A screen capture from a video shot from the cockpit of the 747 SuperTanker.

This video is a compilation of scenes recorded from the cockpit of the 747 SuperTanker as it dropped on fires in Chile between February 5 and 12, 2017. It was shot from a camera set up by Tom Parsons, one of the pilots on the air tanker.

If you enlarge the video to full screen you might be able to see the lead plane in the first two of the three shots.

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4 thoughts on “Video from the 747 as it drops on wildfires in Chile”

  1. Got this from a friend as he was part of the Maffs team with me. I was senior Engr. Tech. on MAFFS built by Defense Technology Labs. back in the late 60’s in San Jose, Ca. I did the first actual test flights in the C-130 at Edwards Air Force Base. We tested it on many planes in those days. Good to see it is still in use.

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