Video from Tanker 580 in Texas

This video was probably shot February 28 from Single Engine Air Tanker 580 while it was working on the Prison Fire in Texas. If you don’t want to watch all eight minutes, check out what appears to be a drop run at 2:40. Be sure your seat belt is fastened! And, put it in full screen mode.

I’m thinking the pilot has experience flying crop dusters.

4 thoughts on “Video from Tanker 580 in Texas”

  1. Interesting exit after the drop. Normally one applies climb power and establishes a positive rate of climb after the drop. Looks like this guy was hot dogging after the drop.

    1. I don’t know what’s normal for you but He did a normal turning climb out. After his drop which by the way if you see those houses on the left at about the three minute mark and his drop was about 321 whe he leveled off on the grassy area that drop resulted in saveing those houses there from being burned up by the fire that burned up to the line an stopped!! SEAT pilots are very good at what they do especially when it comes to structure protection! And yes most of them started out as cropduster’s which takes a high degree of skill and coordination and nerve which most pilots would not be able to do it! These guys are very professional,very safe,and very good at what they do and I guarantee you there’s no hotdogging involved! No I don’t know who you are Bill but you don’t need to be judging people and making smart remarks about stuff and people you have no idea about! And for the record I’m not a pilot but I know these two guys ! We’re all in this business for one purpose and thats to save lives and property there is no room to be putting each other down !we’re just different tools in the big toolbox

    2. Bill, you are making an assumption that he was dropping direct. He made that base to final turn, as he stated to stay out of the smoke. After the drop, which was in the grass indirect from the fire line (where he stated that he was empty) he did establish a positive rate of climb. Standard tactics.

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