Tanker 391’s missions during the Australian summer

t-391 RJ85 Australia

While Conair’s Tanker 391, an RJ85, was in Australia during their 2016-2017 summer, it delivered more than 450,000 liters (119,000 gallons) of retardant, foam and gel onto fires in Victoria and New South Wales for Vic Emergency, Forest Fire Management Victoria, CFA (Country Fire Authority), NSW Rural Fire Service, and other agencies. The aircraft has now returned to Canada.

(Above Graphic by RJ85 Australia)

The photo below won 3rd prize in the Professional category in the 12th Annual Dahl Mountain Photo Competition in Rapid City in which there were 215 entries. The photo shows an RJ85 air tanker making a retardant drop on the Crow Peak Fire near Spearfish, South Dakota June 27, 2016. The image below may show the price “starting at $0.00”. That of course is not correct. Click on it to get more information.

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3 thoughts on “Tanker 391’s missions during the Australian summer”

  1. Only 119,000 gallons? Seems low. A tanked CH-47 just delivered 98,000 gallons water during 3.3 hours flying yesterday. Is 119,000 gallons a lot for one fire season for a air tanker?

    1. I would be interested in knowing the cost per gallon. How many days was this RJet on station? Is there an additional per hour flight cost?

  2. Be nice to have about two [2] RJ 85’S IN EACH WESTERN STATE ,including the Dakotas! Plus some CL 415 scooper planes in areas with enough water!

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