Massive helicopter used in wildfire on Russia/China border

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The automatic translation from Bing about the Russian-made Mi-26 helicopter:

Cross-border forest fires occurred in Russia, driven by China in Mongolia Autonomous daeheung an Ridge North. Join the Wu troops in Mongolia and Heilongjiang total fire fighting!

And Google’s auto-translation:

Forest fires occurred in Russia crossed the border and spread to the northern part of Daixing Anrill in China ‘s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Forest Takeshi Kaiuchi Mongolia · Heilongji Squadron participate in firefighting activities.

2 thoughts on “Massive helicopter used in wildfire on Russia/China border”

  1. Mi 26, it does fly. SEI (Bambi Buckets) deigned a trapeze rigging to place two of their 2000 gallon buckets side by side to fight fires. I have seen test footage but it is unclear if it was actually used on fires. As Cal Fire goes to contract to replace its fleet of Super UH-1’s I wonder if the Mi 26 was in the final four bidders? A five thousand gallon bucket and four Cal Fire crews, sixty eight fire fighters and four captains. Might as well put the emergency fire crew busses inside also.

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