Armed forest officers and soldiers in China work with Mi-26 helicopter

Mi-26 helicopter firefighters

A website in China has a photo story about “armed police forest officers and soldiers” working with the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into series production. The Russian-made Mi-26, according to Wikipedia, can carry 90 troops, 60 stretchers, or 44,000 pounds of cargo. But the site also has this:

On 19 August 2002, Chechen separatists hit an overloaded Mi-26 with a surface-to-air missile, causing it to crash-land in a minefield, killing 127 of the people on board.

Below is an excerpt from the article at the Chinese website, very roughly translated by Google:


“May 26, in the hinterland of Daxinganling in Heilongjiang Province, the armed police officers and men are taking the opportunity to organize.

On May 26th, in the Baghdad area of ​​Heilongjiang Province , the Arsenic Daxinganling Forest Detachment and the Jiagedaqi Aviation Station jointly carried out the M-26 heavy-duty helicopter carrier heavy-duty remote transport. Patrol. Dragon Boat Festival approaching, forest tourists increased, the fire situation is grim, the resident armed police forces with the forestry sector to carry out the plane patrol, increase the fire inspection efforts to improve the rapid response to sudden forest fire and air transport heavy equipment capacity.

It is understood that the patrol ride M-26 heavy helicopter, is still the world’s most important service, the largest helicopter, known as the air “Big Mac”, the cabin load and outside the plug are called The world must be.

Aviation forest is the world’s more advanced means of forest protection, as the protection of Heilongjiang Province Daxinganling forest area of ​​professional armed forces, Daxinganling area forest detachment to actively explore the “helicopter + armed police force” way, air command, air patrol, cable (slip) Fire fighting, remote transport fire fighting and other tactics have been applied to the forest fire and fire, greatly improving the ability to carry out the task.”


All photos are from the website.

Mi-26 helicopter firefighters Mi-26 helicopter firefighters

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