Interesting assortment of emergency equipment at Whitehorse

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Above: Tanker 47 (a Convair 340-31), Tanker 49 (a Convair 440-580), an F-18, and a couple of fire engines at Whitehouse International Airport, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada June 6, 2017. Photo by Doug Cote.

Doug Cote sent us this photo and said the annual migration of air tankers to Alaska is ongoing. He shot this photo today of an assortment of emergency equipment at Whitehorse.

5 thoughts on “Interesting assortment of emergency equipment at Whitehorse”

  1. If you ever get to Whitehorse, check out the “wind sock” outside the main terminal. It’s an Air Canada DC-3 balanced on a tall pole.

    1. Yeah some thought the F-18 (” Red Flash “) may not have enough gusto as a birdog for the cv-580, but apparently, it is doing its job handsomely.

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