Photos of CAL FIRE S-2’s at Medford

Tanker 95 Medford

Above: Tanker 95 departs from Medford. Photo by Tim Crippin.

Tim Crippin sent us these photos of CAL FIRE air tankers 94 and 95 loading and departing out of Medford, Oregon on June 18 while the tankers were working the Bogus Fire near Copco Lake in Northern California.

Thanks Tim!

Tanker 94 Medford
Tanker 95 reloads at Medford. Photo by Tim Crippin.

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4 thoughts on “Photos of CAL FIRE S-2’s at Medford”

  1. I am a retired CALFIRE firefighter and if you had a “Like” button to push Bill this would be one that would be pushed! Thanks for posting.

  2. A long way from their original mission of antisubmarine warfare with the Navy.

  3. The Grumman S-2F-3AT is a fantastic and proven Tanker for Initial Attack.

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