Helicopters and a C-130 at the Detwiler Fire

helicopter Detwiler Fire california

These photos were taken by CAL FIRE at a spot fire on the Detwiler Fire and at the helibase off Highway 49 north of Mariposa, California Thursday July 27. A spot fire added another 100 acres, to bring the current size up to 81,650 acres.

map Detwiler Fire california
Map of the Detwiler Fire showing the location of a 100-acre spot fire that occurred July 27, 2017. Click to enlarge.

helicopter Detwiler Fire california

air tanker 116 C-130
USFS Air Tanker 116 sprays retardant on the spot fire on the north end of the Detwiler Fire, July 27, 2017. CAL FIRE photo.

helicopter Detwiler Fire california

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  1. As a student studying the aerial deliver of water/retardant on wild fires since 1964 I have been impressed with the Erickson MD 87’s drop pattern and consistent coverage profile. Erickson has done an excellent job. Is the MD 87 a 4000 gallon tanker? I have seen some very long (grass) drops with coverage levels to stop a wind driven grass fire.

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