4 thoughts on “Video of water drop at night”

  1. These helicopters are authorized to fly at night? It would be great if this post mentioned more details about the helicopter, such as the model and fire fighting system they are using.

    1. Adam32 is right. This was a Blackhawk helicopter; LA County FD calls them Firehawks. They have an external belly tank which can “snorkel”, filling the tank through a drafting hose while hovering over a body of water. But at night they land and firefighters refill the tank with a hose. LA County FD’s night flying operation has been going on for decades. There are other agencies in southern California that fly firefighting helicopters at night, including Kern County Fire Department, Orange County Fire Authority, Los Angeles City Fire Department, Ventura County Fire/Sheriff, and the US Forest Service. More information about night flying: https://fireaviation.com/tag/night-flying/

  2. LAFD and I think LACFD are both capable of flying at night. Used to be 412’s but now I think they are in Hawks? Don’t quote me though.

  3. Los Angeles County Fire currently has 3 Firehawks, and four Bell 412, I believe LA Co is planning or has ordered two additional Firehawks. The Firehawks carry 1000 gallons of water.
    jp harris retired LA Co FD

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