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A variety of C-130 air tankers at Medford

MAFFS 5 Medford Oregon

On June 30 there was a variety of C-130 air tankers working out of Medford, Oregon, and Tim Crippin was able to capture them on celluloid an SD card. It kind of boggles the mind to see three C-130 air tankers at the same air tanker base, all operated by completely different organizations.

There was one privately owned tanker, Coulson’s T-132, and two government-owned. T-116 will eventually, one of these days, way down the road, perhaps, be officially transferred from the Coast Guard to the U.S. Forest Service. And MAFFS 5 is from the Colorado Springs Air Force Reserve base.

Two other MAFFS C-130’s are also activated — one each from Air National Guard units at Cheyenne and Reno.

Tanker 116 Medford Oregon
Tanker 116 at Medford, Oregon, June 30, 2017. Photo by Tim Crippin.

Coulson T-132 Medford Oregon
Tanker 132 at Medford, Oregon, June 30, 2017. Photo by Tim Crippin.

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2 thoughts on “A variety of C-130 air tankers at Medford”

  1. MAFFS 5 is my old unit. 2 & 5 are from the 731 Airlift Sqd in Colorado Springs.

  2. Nice!
    Coulson’s Hercs got a top notch Tank system.
    In the 90’s TBM, inc (T63,64,67)and T&G/IAR(T31,32) had the same Aerounion Rads system.

    T116 and the Maffs, well… Not the same category but at least Hercs are flying.

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