A C-130 air tanker appears over a fire

Earlier today we posted a video on Wildfire Today that seemingly shows flames appearing out of nowhere, almost like magic. Well, check out this video of a C-130 air tanker shot by Tim Boyd August 22, 2017 on the Range Fire in Alameda County, California.

And here’s a bonus video also shot by Tom Boyd — an Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87 extending the retardant line on the same fire.

4 thoughts on “A C-130 air tanker appears over a fire”

  1. Just curious, why do all the recent MD-87 videos have gear deployed? I understand on a downhill drop but this looks pretty tame. The Bae aircraft use their built in air brakes I know, just seems odd to an outsider

  2. It may have been discussed earlier, but aside from moderately-informed speculation, it wasn’t answered very accurately. Erickson/Aero Air MD-87’s are required by the STC of their new tank design to drop with the gear down and no slower then 140 knots. Also required to wash the gear/brakes off daily.

  3. Thanks for the response. The downhill drop made sense with gear deployed, however this drop seemed so level that I wondered why they still had the gear down. But, being required by the STC answers the question.

    I guess my next question is why is it being required as part of the STC?

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