That’s ONE way to refill and drop water

I could not at first believe my lying eyes the first time I saw this video of a helicopter pilot in Spain refilling and then dropping water on a fire.

Thanks and a tip of the hat go out to Isaac.
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3 thoughts on “That’s ONE way to refill and drop water”

  1. Instead of all that jacking around, why not just slow down, make an accurate drop and lower the collective to descend. It ain’t rocket science. I don’t think I have ever seen such over controlled nonsense. All for 125 gallons.

    1. Drop looked like it was where he wanted it.

      Probably an Ag pilot turned Fire pilot…nothing special or “jacking” around, just a helicopter doing it’s thing.

  2. Maybe a CL-415 pilot getting some cross-training time?

    I’m not a pilot, but all the swooping and slinging around of the empty bucket at the end of the cable doesn’t seem to be a particularly safe way to operate when there are much simpler ways as Joseph points out.

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