RJ85 on the Edwards Fire

RJ85 Edwards Fire in Alameda County, California
An RJ85 drops on the Edwards Fire in Alameda County, California, September 26, 2017. Photo by Joel V.

Joel sent us this photo of an RJ85 dropping on the Edwards Fire near Oakland, California. Thanks Joel.

As a bonus, here’s a video of an MD-87 dropping on the same fire, shot by Darryl Poe.

The fire burned about 22 acres near Edwards Avenue and Mountain Blvd, six miles southeast of Oakland.

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2 thoughts on “RJ85 on the Edwards Fire”

  1. 2 Grumman S2’s dropped first on that fire. T85, T86 (Head and left flank)
    The Aircrane 743 and Copters 106, 104, Eagle 6 were also in daisy chain for water drops.

    Note: Air Attack 140 had issues to clear the area with 4 News Copters which delayed the first Tanker drops and Helicopter Operations.

    News Media Copters should clear the area before the Air Attack show up. Period. They listen on 122.925. They know what to do but …
    Their Camera can film and zoom from 5000 feet(usually above the Air Attack) so what’s their problem?

  2. Today October 1st is the unofficial start to coastal fire season in California. Example October 19, 1991 the Tunnel Fire Oakland Hills. The list of disastrous, quick to spread fires in this month is impressive.
    Cal Fire/CDF is preparing an all out air assault, in addition to the S 2 fleet/helicopters, three heavies and one VLAT are on for I.A. at McClellan(MCC). I overflew MCC last week and T944 (GST 747) was still there awaiting a CWN call?

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