Night flying helicopter drops water on structure fire near World Series game

Two fires broke out Wednesday night near Dodgers Stadium, a brush fire and one in a condominium.

night flying helicopter structure fire

Above: A helicopter dropped water on a fire in a condominium near Dodgers Stadium Wednesday night. Screen grab from CBS LA video.

(Originally posted at 2:53 p.m. MDT October 26, 2017)

Two fires broke out Wednesday night during the World Series game on opposite sides of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. First was a grass fire reported at 7:35 p.m. in the 1800 block of Academy Road. A night-flying helicopter assisted firefighters on the ground by dropping water on the blaze that burned about two acres.

The helicopter was then diverted to a fire on the third-floor balcony of a three-story condominium in the 1000 block of Everett Place where it made two water drops. Los Angeles City Department Assistant Chief Tim Ernst called it, “A quick knockdown”.

There was a report that the owner of the condo could see the fire from the baseball game.

3 thoughts on “Night flying helicopter drops water on structure fire near World Series game”

  1. Don’t you love how the t.v. news media arrives at a fire and ask the option of every civilian within a five mile radius. Dropping on structure fires with a helicopter isn’t that uncommon. A fully involved mobile/modular or trailer which has vented through the roof. It is impressive to watch as a helicopter cascades water through the breached roof. All personal back as the fire and debris are blown through the window (where they were) and doors. Time for overhaul. The Russians use their large capacity Bambi Buckets on elevated structure fires. Not uncommon to use the bucket to break the ice in a river/lake to obtain water. 1959-60 Reno, Nevada casino fire appears on the third or fourth floor. Aircraft Twin Beech, 200 gallons of water results, jury is still out? Picture was (is) on the hall wall at Sierra Front Interagency Fire Center, Minden, Nevada.

    1. Don’t forget the P3 that dropped water on the commercial building fire in MN I believe when the town was flooded.

      1. I remember that. It was a Black Hills P2V. The fire was burning building after building. Results: same jury still out. Or, everything dries out, nothing unburns.

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