Lockheed markets a new air tanker

LM-100J air tanke

Above: Cover of Lockheed Martin’s brochure for the LM-100J air tanker.

(Originally published at 12:30 p.m. MDT October 28, 2017)

At the Tangent Link Aerial Firefighting Conference in France last week Lockheed Martin distributed a brochure introducing what could be an addition to large air tanker fleets — the company’s new LM-100J outfitted with an internal retardant delivery system (RDS) capable of carrying more than 3,500 gallons. The updated civilian variant of the C-130J began rolling off the assembly line in Marietta, Georgia in May and on October 19 the second one took to the air. The U.S. Forest Service recently posted a photo of an LM-100J taken in Puerto Rico that was apparently hauling hurricane recovery supplies.

The LM-100J brochure says the aircraft can support Coulson’s RADS XL system or Blue Aerospace’s MAFFS 2. The diagram in the brochure shows Coulson’s RDS.

The aircraft has not yet flown with a retardant system, in spite of the photo on the brochure. Britt Coulson told us Lockheed obtained a photo of their Tanker 131 dropping, copied the retardant, then pasted it onto an image of the LM-100J.

LM-100J air tanke
Lockheed Martin’s brochure for the LM-100J air tanker.

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  1. When LM say’s it’s built on a proven platform they ain’t lying. Old ” Herky Chicken” been around forever.

  2. Be good for maybe CalFire and their $$$…but I doubt many private contractors will be able to swing the purchase of a brand new aircraft…

    The USFS need to keep their hands off of it too.

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