Aerial firefighters on the Oak Fire

Oak fire wildfire air tankers

Above: An MD-87 drops on the Oak Fire near Yucaipa, California. Screen grab from EPN106 OnScene.TV video. This image and the video below are used with permission.

(Originally published December 1, 2017)

EPN106 of OnScene.TV got some excellent shots of helicopters and air tankers dropping on the Oak Fire near Yucaipa, California November 29. It burned 99 acres off Oak Glen Road and was caused by a vehicle over the side of the road.

If the video below does not start, you can see it on YouTube.

Firefighters benefited from light winds, cooler temperatures, and the fact that the San Bernardino air attack base was only 12 air miles away.

The next day Neptune’s Air Tanker 12, a BAe-146 under contract with CAL FIRE, was released for the season.

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  1. As of water tender driver on a volunteer fire department watching those aircraft just totally awesome the amount of fire that they can extinguish in one pass seen it multiple times it’s like going to the movies watching the lead plane leave a smoke screen for those large airplanes to follow pretty cool

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