Video of multiple air tankers working the Liberty Fire near Murrieta, CA

Liberty Fire

Above: The Liberty Fire east of Murrieta, California, December 7, 2017. Screengrab from the KTLA video.

(Originally published at 7 p.m. PST December 7, 2017)

KTLA shot some excellent stabilized video from a helicopter Thursday of the Liberty Fire that has burned about 300 acres northeast of Murrieta, California. This is a new fire that erupted this afternoon 17 miles north of another new fire, the Lilac Fire south of Temecula which was 3,000 acres at 7 p.m. PST.

The video, which is almost 2 hours long, has at least 8 shots of air tankers dropping. We skimmed through it quickly and noted where the drops occur, probably missing a few.

13:00 – DC-10
17:00 – BAe-146/C-130
35:30 – C-130
38:35 – BAe-146
49:15 –  S-2
1:05:00 – MAFFS
1:30:00 – 747
1:40:20 – MAFFS

4 thoughts on “Video of multiple air tankers working the Liberty Fire near Murrieta, CA”

  1. This was a great collection of air tankers and a MAFF airplane working the Liberty. If there was any doubt that the 747 wouldn’t make a good air tanker, even with its unique pressure delivery system, put the screen on “full” and watch the application. Although the Forest Service isn’t impressed (doesn’t surprise anyone) just maybe GST (747 guys) and Cal Fire can work out an immediate need contract for fire season 2018. On the subject of the Forest Service where was Aerosol 116? Thanks to KTLA and WildFire Today for this story/video.

  2. Would like to suggest to Cal Fire a method we used in the USAF back in the 60 and 70s, flying C-141 aircraft, by using your drop aircraft in a trail formation, 1/4 mile separation between drop aircraft, utilizing same type of drop aircraft in a trail formation, at least 5 to 10 drop aircraft, should do the job.

  3. The bravery of these pilots and crew has moved me to tears. You should be very, very proud of your fine work saving this community from destruction. I also commend the KTLA announcer and crew for the fascinating top quality of the video. The announcer has such class and dignity compared to most
    people delivering news today.

  4. I have friends and email friends in several areas real close to both of these fires. Hate to hear the final outcome of all these trajedies.

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