Videos of a DC-10 working a fire in New South Wales

DC-10 drops Masonite Road Fire

Above: A DC-10 drops on the Masonite Road Fire in New South Wales. Screengrab from video by Raymond Terrace Fire & Rescue.

Check out these videos of a DC-10 dropping on the Masonite Road Fire near the Newcastle Airport in New South Wales. The fire burned 2,300 hectares (5,683 acres). The airport was closed at times due to degraded visibility caused by the smoke.


UPDATE January 20, 2018: I found another video, of the DC-10 working the Pilliga fire.

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  1. im sure this has been asked and answered before,but i dont recall,sue me,,lol,but they dont use retardant in Australia ?

  2. Fire fighting chemicals are not allowed in drinking water catchments or near other significant waterways

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