Building Twin Otters, in time-lapse

Twin Otter

The production facility for Viking’s Twin Otter Series 400 is seen in time-lapse in this video. Twin Otters have transported many smokejumpers over the last few decades.

I looked, but didn’t see any CL-415’s in the background being built. Viking  bought the rights from Bombardier in 2016 for the scoopers, but to date have not publicly committed to manufacturing more.

3 thoughts on “Building Twin Otters, in time-lapse”

    1. No CL 415s but if you could see out those windows in the background, you would see a pair of 215s outside. There are six more across the field including three of the ex-Newfoundland ‘ peas and carrots’ machines. Its my impression they are candidates for conversion to 215Ts, though I may be wrong.

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