Nine air tanker drops in just over a minute

I’ve never seen anything like this. These CL-215/415 Bombardier scooper air tankers made nine drops in a minute and 5 seconds.  The poster appears to be in Chile, but one of the comments said it occurred in France.

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8 thoughts on “Nine air tanker drops in just over a minute”

  1. This event occured this summer, south of France, close to Istres aera, 10 august 2017 around 7 PM with strong winds, so all aircraft available were sent to stop this fire before the night. Two Q400MR, 1 S2F Firecat, 2 helicopters, 1 Beech 200 and a Cessna 208 were also involved in this operation.

    And the fire was quickly stopped !

  2. As per Bill Gabbert’s prescription –“for keeping new fires from becoming megafires” –rapid initial attack with overwhelming force ”
    Interesting how foreign government agencies seem to a step ahead of ours . Worse than that ,now we have no CL -415’s under contract ! I personally was able to see the efficiency of the scoopers on Flathead Lake last summer, [ Blue Bay fire ] . about 500 yards from my home . These are very impressive aircraft and we should have many of these stationed at pertinent locations [lakes[ ;throughout the Northwest and ,Califiornia.

  3. these C415 can drop approximately 2000 leaders a second ?, There really good firefighting aircraft only one problem they need a fairly large nearby body of water to refill.

    1. If the “leaders” is “liters”, that would mean that 14,000 pounds of water could be dropped in 3+ seconds, which would be about right. It’s true they need a “fairly large body of water” to refill. But since they are skimming on the water, they can also steer right or left, if the body of water curves, objects in the water need to be maneuvered around or the flight path rising from the water needs to lead between tall hills, mountains or even buildings. The pilots are stunningly skilled, specially in formation:

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