Interview with Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways

The company has 11 DC-3’s

Mikey McBryan

During the Aerial Firefighting conference in Sacramento this week I interviewed Mikey McBryan, the General Manager of Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories which was founded by his father,”Buffalo” Joe McBryan. He talked about the company’s P3 air tanker, their numerous other air tankers, their 11 DC-3’s, his father’s 10,000 flight hours in a single DC-3, the history of Buffalo Airways, and the additional aircraft in their fleet. And he gets in a plug for “Ice Pilots” on Netflix.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways”

  1. Great interview Bill, with Mike.. i recently purchased the 6 volume series of Ice Pilots and have watched the first 4 seasons. What a great series. volume 4 has the crash landing of the Electra with right gear hung up. and wow interesting story. i missed this interview when it came out so probably no one will read but highly recommend the series. i guess you can watch on net flex’s but by buying the series you get to follow as it took place. You should see the hazzle with Canada Inspector.. My best to you Bill, enjoy both of your blogs. also waiting for your visit to L A County Air Operations… jp

  2. Ice Pilots was a great show, it took away my fear of flying. Made me realize what it would take to crash a plane, and that pilots do know what they are flying. Amen to the McBride Family 😎

  3. I hate that their not filming anymore and I absolutely loved watching every episode. Please come back

    1. You can subscribe and view Mikey’s daily updates on YouTube’s ‘Plane Savers’, as of yesterday 19 daily Episodes, all filmed and produced by Mikey. Much more than just the C-47 restoration.



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