Photos of aircraft at Aerial Firefighting conference

In addition to the static display, three air tankers made demonstration drops.

Air tanker 481 Lockheed Electra L188

Above: Air Spray’s Air Tanker 481, a Lockheed Electra L188 on static display at McClellan, March 12, 2018.

On March 12, 2018 two large busloads of attendees at the Aerial Firefighting Conference at Sacramento McClellan Airport were transported from the meeting facility to a nearby ramp where more than a dozen aircraft were on static display. At the conference two years ago the lead bus driver got lost on the three-block drive, but thankfully there were no mishaps this year.

In addition to the static display, three air tankers made demonstration drops with water, one RJ85 and two Fire Boss Single Engine Air Tankers.

Click on one of the small images immediately below to see large versions.

Here is a link to photos we took at the static display during the 2014 conference.

2 thoughts on “Photos of aircraft at Aerial Firefighting conference”

  1. I remember as a young HotShot in the mid 70’s flying allover in the Lockheed Electra , Damn what a ride….

    1. I remember we had a few Electra’s at Air California Airlines, Oakland, Airport in the 70’s. They made scheduled flights to airports that had strict noise abatement regulations like South Lake Tahoe. They were of course the oldest planes in the fleet dominated by B-737’s. I was an R&E mechanic.

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