Aero Spray is now Dauntless Air

Aero Spray, Inc., an operator of Single Engine Air Tankers, has changed its name to Dauntless Air. The company also announced today the expansion of its fleet and the recent naming of a new CEO, Brett L’Esperance. Dauntless Air now owns and operates 11 amphibious AT-802F Fire Boss and one wheeled AT-802F. The aircraft feature onboard thermal imaging units and gel blending systems.

In our view it appears to be a good idea to rebrand the company in order to separate it from the flock of aerial firefighting companies with similar names, including Aero-Flite, Aero Tech, Air Spray, and Air Tractor.

There is also a new tag line:


Mr. L’Esperance took the company’s helm as CEO in June 2017 after more than 20 years of private equity investing and operating roles, including time at Bain Capital Credit, Woodside Capital Management, and the Watermill Group, .

Since joining Dauntless Air (formerly Aero Spray), Mr. L’Esperance has overseen a variety of updates to the business, including the addition of two new aircraft and six new ground support vehicles to its fleet in preparation for the 2018/2019 fire season, the relocation of its corporate offices within Appleton, Minnesota, and the implementation of new administrative and technology support systems to serve as the foundation for a stable, growing business.

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