Eleven CL-215’s to be converted to CL-415EAF


Above: Viking Air photo

Longview Aviation Asset Management (LAAM) of Calgary, Alberta, in cooperation with Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia, has launched the Viking CL-415EAF (“Enhanced Aerial Firefighter”) Conversion Program.

To initiate the program, LAAM will be hiring up to 150 technical and support staff members at its Calgary facilities, where eleven specially selected CL-215 aerial firefighting aircraft owned by LAAM will undergo the modification process utilizing Viking-supplied conversion kits.

To support development of the conversion kits, Viking has hired 50 employees to date and has launched a recruitment campaign to hire an additional 50 staff at its Victoria, BC location. Viking will also be reinstating its “Viking Academy” paid-training program to provide successful applicants with the targeted technical training required for these positions.

After acquiring the CL-215, CL-215T and CL-415 Type Certificates in late 2016, and based on feedback from the operator group, Viking elected to introduce an “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” (EAF), mirroring the CL-215T conversion program and updating it with the addition of operator requested enhancements.

Both the CL-215T and CL-415EAF include the winglets, finlets, higher operating weights, increased capacity firebombing system, and foam injection system of the CL-415.  In addition to these standards, other improvements introduced with the Viking CL-415EAF conversion upgrade include:

  • Full modern Avionics package,
  • Component modernization improvements to address all fleet obsolescence issues,
  • Corrosion protection enhancements based on operator feedback,
  • Flight deck air-conditioning system,
  • Customized external paint scheme, and
  • Humanitarian relief and special mission options (e.g. stretcher rack, large cargo door, spray boom system)

The Viking CL-415EAF Conversion Program forms part of a staged approach to utilize the advancements made with the LAAM converted aircraft as the basis for the proposed Viking CL-515 new-production amphibious aerial firefighting aircraft.

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4 thoughts on “Eleven CL-215’s to be converted to CL-415EAF”

  1. I hear the FS is buying the first 5 and CalFire is picking up the other 6.

    1. This is incorrect. Bridger Aerospace located in Bozeman Montana has purchased the first five aircraft.

  2. This crazy stuff. Viking purchased two of the 215’s for conversion two years ago . All they have managed to do was strip R2800’s off airframes . I think they should from scratch to re-engine with turbines with the thought that Bombardier made it too complicated of a conversion . The 215 airframe should not much different than putting turbines on DC-3’s . In fact the Doug conversion costs about $6.5M . You get new engines and a lengthened fusalage and a zero time airframe !

    Maybe they should contract with Basler to do modification . It just seems ridiculous that it should cost so much to put turbine power on 215 airframe. Does not make any sense too me . Back in the sixties and seventies put turbines on Stratocruisers , Convairs and even twin Beeches and did not cost much and and worked very successfully in most programs . Viking needs to revisit . You can put a new Turbine on a piston Otter for $650,000.

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