Video from Air Tanker 850 over the Horse Park Fire

air tanker video screenshot Horse Park Fire

Above:  Screenshot from video shot by Jim Watson, Pilot of T-850 GB Aerial Applications, over the Horse Park Fire.

Jim Watson, pilot of the GB Aerial Applications single engine air tanker T-850, shot this video while flying over and dropping retardant on the Horse Park Fire in southwest Colorado May 28, 2018. He was working with Lead 28.

Thanks Jim!

On May 27, the day before this drop by T-850, the fire was exhibiting extreme fire behavior and forced firefighters to withdraw to a safety zone. On that same day during initial attack a command vehicle was abandoned and is thought to be a total loss, according to information in a 24-Hour Preliminary Report. The driver was turning around when the vehicle got stuck. Due to the advancing fire, the driver and passenger had to flee on foot. There were no reports of injuries.

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  1. This is a really nice video! I sensed an “at oneness” between the pilot and the world around him. I believe that the soundtracks playing between radio transmissions evoked that sensation, which brings up a this question. Is Jim Watson, the pilot, actually listening to the music (“pilot Zen” so to speak) which instantly cuts out for any radio transmission and then fades back in? Or was it edited in for this YouTube? I think it is really cool if, in this “simple and uncluttered airspace” air attack scenario, Jim does listen to music. LR

  2. Thank you for the awesome job you do, “Get Together” by the Youngbloods, how fitting “smile on your brother.” Thank you for helping the firefighters on the ground.

    1. You can make the mountains ring
      Or make the angels cry
      Though the bird is on the wing
      And you may not know why

      Lyrics from “Get Together”

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