Video of Air Tanker 850 working the “416 Fire” near Durango, Colorado

Filmed by pilot Jim Watson of GB Aerial Applications, this is a video of Air Tanker 850 on the “416 Fire” near Durango, CO June 13, 2018, working with John Ponts, Lead 51 trainee.

Jim said, “The Heavies did the long runs while the Single Engine Air Tankers offered close air support by reinforcing weak areas such as this drop in the bottom of a drainage.”

4 thoughts on “Video of Air Tanker 850 working the “416 Fire” near Durango, Colorado”

  1. John Ponts (Spelling, S not Z) Lead 5-1 Trainee, doing well probably gets qualified this summer for sure, good guy too

  2. Just wondering…Why do news sites almost never ask why the military, with its hundreds/thousands of Chinook heavy-lift helicopters able to carry big water buckets, are not immediately called into action to douse a wildfire? Fighting wildfires is war too!

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