Two additional MAFFS air tankers activated

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Two more C-130 Modular Airborne FireFighting Systems (MAFFS) have been activated, joining the two that were mobilized July 2.

These aircraft are coming from the Air National Guard bases at Cheyenne and Reno. The first two were from the Air Force Reserve base in Colorado Springs.

For now they are based at Colorado Springs where a temporary retardant base has been installed.

The concept behind the MAFFS is to have surge capacity. The units can be activated when ongoing wildfires reduce the ability of the 13 large air tankers on federal exclusive use contracts, or the 11 on call when needed contracts, to respond to new initial attack and extended attack fires.

Governors have the authority to activate their National Guard MAFFS as needed. The National Interagency Fire Center can also activate them.

The U.S. Forest Service owns eight of the MAAFS systems that can be slipped inside a military C-130 in a matter of hours. One of them is being used in a Coast Guard C-130 that one day may or may not be transferred to the USFS to be converted into an air tanker with a permanent retardant system. The Administration has expressed a desire to kill the program that would have transferred seven Coast Guard HC-130H’s to the USFS to help rebuild the atrophied fleet of large air tankers.

A MAFFS unit installed inside a C-130. Boise, ID April 20, 2018(

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