National Guard helicopters assist with firefighting in California

2,000-gallon Bambi Bucket

Above: screenshot from the first video below.

California Air National Guard helicopters are assisting with the suppression of wildfires in the state.

The Bambi Bucket shown in this first video holds 2,000 gallons. I’m thinking it is used under a Chinook

In the video below you’ll see a 650-gallon Bambi Bucket, probably used with a Blackhawk.

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2 thoughts on “National Guard helicopters assist with firefighting in California”

  1. Will the California National Guard use civilian volunteers at base camps, etc, to help with the fires?

  2. Hello just inquiring are there going to be more drops including the powered , the red? And more water perhaps all over the drier area’s to help prevent this in the future?

    Thank you

    Mrs. Amber Davis

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