Coulson helicopters arrive in Australia, after long ocean voyage

Coulson helicopters firefighting Australia

Two of Coulson’s helicopters have completed their trip on board a ship and have arrived in Australia. The company is in the midst of putting them back together in a hangar in Avalon. The S-61 due to its size had to be broken down more than the S-76, but the mechanics have done this several times before.

The two ships will be used in the Aussie’s night vision goggle firefighting program, with training beginning November 7. The S-61 will be double crewed, providing assistance to firefighters well into the night. It will be capable of filling while hovering, something the North American firefighting agencies have not done.

Photos by Coulson

Coulson helicopters firefighting Australia
Coulson helicopters firefighting Australia

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  1. Great to see the advancement in night aerial fire suppression ops in Australia. I have one correction in the story. The Kern County Fire Department’s Air Operations program has been conducting night hover fills for years. Examples include: The Shirley and Erskine fires in Lake Isabella, and the latest performed this past summer on a fire in Tehachapi, CA where structures were directly threatened and both of the department’s helicopters supported ground apparatus, dozers and Firefighters with daylight and night water drops with hover fills out of a permanent dip tank in Golden Hills & Brite Lake.

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