An introduction to the Cobra Air Attack helicopter

Cobra air attack helicopter firewatch
Pilot Morgan Mills talks about the USFS Cobra air attack helicopter.

In this video pilot Morgan Mills takes us for a walk around a U.S. Forest Service demilitarized Bell AH-1 Cobra Air Attack helicopter. This is one of two currently flying for the agency. He explains the roles and capabilities of this amazing machine.

We have written about the Firewatch Cobras several times in articles tagged “Cobra”.

3 thoughts on “An introduction to the Cobra Air Attack helicopter”

  1. Juan’s got a new video on his youtube page talking a little about forest management and the camp fire.its interesting.

  2. I remember flying with Morgan in the early 70’s , Great to see him still at it , When we heard Morgan on the radio we knew we were getting off the mountain, Thanks for ur many many hours of flight time Morgan ……

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