Buffalo Airways hopes to have their P-3 ready for 2019 fire season

The company purchased Tanker 22 in 2014

Buffalo P3 Joe McBryan
Ronald Guy (left) of United Aeronautical congratulates Joe McBryan of Buffalo Airways for his purchase of a P-3 formerly owned by Aero Union. Photo by Bill Gabbert, March 19, 2014 at McClellan Air Force Base.

Buffalo airways expects to have the P-3 air tanker they purchased in 2014 ready to fight fire during the 2019 wildfire season. Mikey McBryan wrote in an Instagram post that the work is being performed by Airstrike Air Tankers at McClellan airport in Sacramento.

The aircraft, Tanker 22, is still using the same “N” number as when it was flown by Aero Union, N922AU. The company operates at least one Lockheed L-188 in Canada, Tanker 416, which is very similar to the P-3. In 2016 they received a five-year contract to operate eight new Air Tractor 802F FireBoss single engine air tankers owned by Northwest Territories.

Buffalo Airways has approximately eight other air tankers as well as 11 DC-3’s. In 2016 the company won a contract to operate the eight recently purchased Air Tractor 802F FireBoss single engine air tankers for Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources. Mikey McBryan and his father Joe starred in the Ice Pilots reality TV show that ran for at least six seasons on the History channel.

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  1. Does anyone know where plan on operating this thing? I’m not sure they can operate it here in Canada. I wonder if the plan is to compete against the American companies for federal or state contracts

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