Photo gallery from Heli-Expo in Atlanta

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3 thoughts on “Photo gallery from Heli-Expo in Atlanta”

  1. On the Erickson display was three models,the two helo’s ok,but what is that fixed wing twin?..

    1. I asked that same question. They explained that it is a CASA. Erickson does not manufacture them, obviously, but they operate at least one.

  2. They were picked up during the acquisition of Evergreen helicopters. Evergreen had a contract to provide them to the Phillipine government and they were based in Cebu’… and they were equipped with static lines inside at the time. They are a workhorse in AK and slow movers, they hold up to 3 tons of cargo and have a rear loading ramp. The AK SMJ’s have used them for years. Think of it like a 1/4 scale Herc.

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