P3 demonstration drop in Colorado

Tanker 23, a P3 Orion, making a demonstration drop at Northern Colorado Regional Airport June 28, 2019. Screengrab from
Tanker 23, a P3 Orion, makes a demonstration drop at Northern Colorado Regional Airport June 28, 2019. Screengrab from @CReppWx video.

Air tanker 23, a P3 Orion (N923AU), appeared at Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Loveland June 28 as promised. The airport conducted what they called a “media day”, allowing media personnel to view the aircraft. The public was not invited.

The video below from Cory Reppenhagen of Nine News (@CReppWx) shows Tanker 23 dropping. The announced plan was for it to drop BLAZETAMER380, a water enhancing gel that looks similar to water when released by an air tanker.

The state of Colorado has a Call When Needed contract with Airstrike Firefighters that would allow the company’s fleet of P3s to be used in the state if they are available. Airstrike is working to restore seven P3s that were formerly operated by Aero Union.

Air Tanker 23 P3 Orion
On March 15, 2018 Tanker 23 was in the process of being made fire-ready again at Airstrike Firefighter’s facility at Sacramento McClellan Airport. Photo by Bill Gabbert.
P3 Orion air tanker 17, 22, 23
Tankers 17, 22, and 23, all P3 Orions being restored at Airstrike Firefighters in Sacramento. Photo by Sergio Mara, at Sacramento McClellan Airport, January 2019.

Buffalo Airways and Airstrike are working together to restore Tanker 22.

Buffalo P3 Joe McBryan tanker 22
Ronald Guy (left) of United Aeronautical congratulates Joe McBryan (right) of Buffalo Airways on the purchase of Tanker 22, March 19, 2014 at McClellan Air Force Base March 19, 2014. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

More photos of the P3s in the hangar at McClellan.

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7 thoughts on “P3 demonstration drop in Colorado”

  1. It’s good to see these back in service. Been on a few fires with these tankers.

      1. They are not certified to haul 3000 gallons yet. Waiting for re-engineering, paperwork etc.
        The aircraft does not meet next gen requirements.

        1. So are they not certified at all as of now or certified with a lower capacity? And what was that capacity when last they flew assuming hey had a reduced load then?

      2. Bill is right the physical capacity is 3,000 gallons. They are IAB certified to 22,950lbs, which is 2,550 gallons of retardant. More if you carry water or enhancers.

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