A long drop by a DC-10

The Horse Butte Fire has burned 9,400 acres approximately 18 miles northwest of Aberdeen, Idaho. The lightning-caused fire has been moving actively through brush and tall grass. Firefighters are expecting to have it contained by the end of the day on Monday.

The photo below shows a DC-10 Very Large Air Tanker, Tanker 912, dropping on the fire.

Tanker 912 Horse Butte Fire Idaho
Tanker 912, a DC-10, dropping retardant on the Horse Butte Fire in Idaho. Photo by Mike Krupski. Via @GreatBasinCC

2 thoughts on “A long drop by a DC-10”

    1. It’s a nice picture to be sure. There are some tactical reasons why this is not that great an attack plan. From the cheap seats one can’t be certain that the flank wasn’t moving at all or even slowly enough not to do an end around of the head of the drop. Possibly there is another tanker or two hot on his heels to prevent it also. However, my experience says that light fuel(grass fire no/very low values) even backing requires the line to be establish to end and the predicted point of the terminus ie where the flank will meet the head at the time of completion. Almost looks as though a drop was made and unsuccessful earlier as per the picture.
      If anyone has some follow up pics oft his fire I’d be interred to see it.

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