Paracargo delivery on the Mendocino National Forest

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The BLM in Alaska defines paracargo:

Paracargo is the rigging, loading, and safe aerial delivery of a wide variety of supplies and equipment in support of wildland fire operations.

Most any supply or piece of fire equipment can and has been delivered by paracargo. Packages range from 10 to 1500 lbs in size and large orders are typically palletized for delivery. Typical delivered supplies include food, water, pumps, hose, chainsaws, 4-wheelers, zodiacs, and 55-gallon fuel drums.

Paracargo can deliver goods over long distances and is usually faster and more cost efficient than rotor aircraft. Close to 300,000 lbs. of cargo are delivered in a typical season with over 715,000 lbs. delivered in the busy 2009 season.

One thought on “Paracargo delivery on the Mendocino National Forest”

  1. Getting supplies dropped in always comes in handy. Unless of course the drop doesn’t go as planned. Like watching your parched crew’s drinking supply disappear beyond a nearby cliff or your hot food hanging up in a tall fir requiring a tree-felling and consequent flare-up. Oh the stories crews can tell! LR

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