Record-setting day at Helena Air Tanker Base

Twelve firefighting aircraft worked out of the base supporting the North Hills Fire

The Helena, Montana Air Tanker Base set some records over the last several days while supporting the North Hills Fire. Thanks to the fire being only 9 miles north of the airport and recent improvements made at the base, on Sunday air tankers reloading there completed 68 loads for a total of 231,000 gallons of retardant.

In recent days fixed wing firefighting aircraft at Helena included a DC-10 Very Large Air Tanker, four Large Air Tankers, two Single Engine Air Tankers, three Air Attack ships, and two Lead Planes.

Over the last year at the base the Forest Service upgraded the plumbing and installed two new pumps, two 25,000-gallon retardant tanks, and one 25,000-gallon off-load tank.

According to KTVH the DC-10 was recently able to load, make a drop and reload in a short amount of time. We checked with John Gould, President and CEO of 10 Tanker, who consulted the data submitted by the fight crews that were flying the North Hills Fire. The flight times for each sortie on July 27 and 28, off the runway to back on the runway, ranged from 10 to 24 minutes with most of them in the 15 to 18 minute range.  That does not include taxi and takeoff on the 9,000-foot runway. The time the DC-10 spent in the reloading pit getting another 9,400 gallons of retardant was usually around 19 to 21 minutes, block in to block out.

As of Monday night the North Hills Fire had burned 4,688 acres.

Helena Air Tanker Base
Helena Air Tanker Base, before the recent upgrades. Google Earth Photo, July 25, 2014.

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  1. Good show indeed. We operated a 4 plane MAFFS operation out of there in 1988 supporting the Yellowstone fires. Needless to say, no records set since it was a long turn time, but the national interest was Yellowstone. Also the retardant base was a temporary set up. Good operation overall. Steep landing fees tho.

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