Video of firefighting aircraft at Oshkosh 2019

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MAFFS Oshkosh
MAFFS 5 at Oshkosh July 27, 2019. Screenshot from Airailimages video below.

Fred Johnson of Airailimages sent us information about this video that he shot July 17 at Oshkosh 2019. Here’s how he described it:

A sustained air tanker firefighting flying display featured a CL-215 scooper water bomber, a MAFFS C-130 tanker, and a vintage A-26 marked as Conair A-26 Tanker 21; the A-26 made passes but did not participate in the water drops. A Shrike Commander used as an air attack airborne command and control center for firefighting also flew during this interesting scenario. Then look at the mighty Yak-110 twin fuselage conversion in a powerful air show performance.

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  1. Fought a lot of fire “below” (on the ground) and “above” (air attack) Denny Lynch’s A-26 and B-26’s. He had quite a few really hot and fast tankers.

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