More details possibly emerge about air tanker’s hazardous exit out of drop area

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BAe-146 air tanker hazardous retardant drop near miss
Screenshot from the video below of BAe-146 air tanker.

We posted a video on August 14 of a BAe-146 air tanker dropping retardant on a fire. While exiting the area the aircraft flew closely over a ridge stirring up dust on the ground. It generated many comments, with one person writing “it doesn’t appear to be a problem” while others considered it a good cautionary learning opportunity.

Yesterday one of our readers sent us information about a Safecom that may or may not be related to this incident. The report was filed August 1, 2019 by the crew of a BAe-146 about an incident that occurred July 1, 2019.

Here is the complete narrative:

While conducting retardant operations I descended below a ridge crossing altitude. This was NOT on purpose. I tunnel visioned the drop, and continued down. This was a little fill in spot and I was really focused on finishing the line. As I stated, this was NOT on purpose. We{crew} debriefed and talked about what happened, and of course, how to prevent this type of screw up. Thanks

The “Corrective Action” was presumably written later by someone in aviation management:

Crew will review SOP`s, CRM, etc. RASM: Glad to see the crew realized and admitted what occurred. Hope to see others follow suit as narratives like this remind us all to be diligent.

Cutting it close on a fire retardant drop

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7 thoughts on “More details possibly emerge about air tanker’s hazardous exit out of drop area”

  1. Was there any low-level guidance by a lead or ASM prior to the drop, or did the air tanker make their own run assessment from above?

  2. Sometimes y’pays yer money & takes yer chances . . . to do the focused (not tunnel) job without recrimination or consequences . . . natural skill & experience. No apologies necessary in successful flight ops.

  3. Ok .

    “I descended below a ridge crossing altitude, tunnel visioned the drop, continued down to this little fill in spot and was really focused on finishing the line before returning to base–dry tank, mission accomplished, as usual.”

    How’s that . . . ?
    (Gear down, flaps down, hook down, roger 3-wire pass–Semper Fortis!)

  4. You’ll want to pull in your hemorrhoids and grease your cheeks just to watch this!
    That boy is polishing his belly on the back of a rattlesnake!

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