A tour of Ramona Air Attack Base

Ramona Air Attack Base

On Wednesday CAL FIRE gave a live tour of the Air Attack Base at Ramona, California. They talked about the OV-10 Bronco, S2T air tankers, and the C-130 that the agency has under an exclusive use contract until the end of August which is serving as a training platform so their pilots will be ready for the planned acquisition of seven C-130 air tankers.

Here is the recorded version of the tour.

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6 thoughts on “A tour of Ramona Air Attack Base”

  1. Excellent. Very familiar with the Herky Birds interior. Made 14 jumps from these in the 60’s U.S. Army.Cal Fire is doing an amazing job and their equipment is always looking great and ready to go. Congrats . C-130 is a formidable assett to any effort anywhere. Good luck and thanks for all f the efforts and planning. Bee safe.

  2. Oh yeah, and the forest service helicopter parked there for the last 40+ years that used to go to every fire in the county (state, fed or city). And there used to be two.

        1. Just don’t think they go to many state or city fires anymore, what with all the helicopters in the county now. Don’t understand why they weren’t mentioned in the video since Ramona is a joint base.

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