Video shot from air tanker as it drops on the R-1 Ranch Fire

R-1 Ranch Fire air tanker drop

This is video shot August 29 from the Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) piloted by Jim Watson on the R-1 Ranch Fire 13 miles northeast of Susanville, California. He was working out of the Air Tanker Base at Chester, California. You may notice that the aircraft is following another SEAT that makes a drop ahead of him.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can also see it on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Video shot from air tanker as it drops on the R-1 Ranch Fire”

    1. The video begins on the downwind for the drop. Any clearances were likely issued well before. It’s common today when cleared to descend to be given “cleared to maneuver, cleared to drop.” This is especially common where there are no ground personnel.

      I usually advise final and if I haven’t heard it, request a verbal verification that the line is clear.

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